Logistics services of UNION SPED are targeted at those clients who wish to relocate the managing of their own internal distribution system, partially or fully, and to entrust it to us with the goal of making business processes more optimal.

Our logistics services include:

  • Transport management
  • Storage management
  • Supply management
  • Information management


The activities that occur during transportation of goods and information from your suppliers to your clients are numerous. They require time and significantly rely upon your resources.

We are positive that you can entrust a great number of those activities on our experts. In that way you are lowering your business expenses and producing more to practice your own, basic activities.

After reviewing and analyzing your business processes, we offer our logistics solutions that lower your expenses. Afterwards, in coordination with you, we work on the organization of logistics activities and later on the control and optimization of the given solution.  

The ultimate result of our logistics services is a competitive level of service for your clients by providing the market with desired goods, in the right time, at the right place in the required quantities and price as well as the accurate goods information.

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